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More info on the... B-17 Flying Fortress

really didn't expect to see any B-17s here, did ya?

(Believe or not, I love the old Fart, uhh, I mean..."Fort")
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Note: This is all in "FUN"! I hope I haven't offended anyone! Just keeping in tradition with...


Now for "Your Feedback" (and "My Comments")
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Not signed (03/08/99)
Baptizing the B-17... Clever and hilarious! I went to war in both of them. Both did a great job!!

Jim Woods (03/05/99)
It's hilarious.  My wife suggests that you have that guy climbing up a ladder since it would obviously be impossible to do it from ground level!

My Comment
Jim, maybe for you...

Mike Yamada ("Nine-O-Nine" Flight Engineer [part time]) (03/01/99)
By the way, you have an absolutely awesome web site for B-24 fans.  Just to add fuel to the fire, we were flying the "All American" (B-24J) and "Nine-O-Nine" (B-17G) over Brackett Field in Southern California a few years ago trying to see who could pull the tightest turn. "Nine-O-Nine" won but you should see the video of the "All American" racked over into a 70+ degree turn.  Amazing airplane...

Jim Augustus (01/08/99)
When I'm feeling down or upset with all the "Crap" on TV about the Senate trial, I just have to call up the B-24 Vs B-17 page to get my daily dose of laughs!  It never fails to work!  Always good for some giggles!  I'm sure the B-17 folks get some relief here too!

Forrest Clark (12/30/98)
Having survived the war in a B-24, and believing one did save my life, I must side with the B-24. However, if there were a beauty contest, the B-17 would probably win. But there was no beauty contest in the war.

George Weddell (34th BG) (12/28/98)
You have a great sense of humor!  Had 60 seconds of hard laughter when I viewed the web page. Hated the old "Boxcar" at first (since I was involuntarily assigned to fly it instead of P-38s) but it got me thru 35 missions in 1944 over Europe with the 8th Air Force.

Carol Malmud (12/28/98)
Its great - keep it up so to speak!!!!!!!

Not signed (12/27/98)
A super take off on the most "Hyped Bird" of W.W.II. As a W.W.II B-24 pilot, I love it!

Not signed (12/26/98)
Just thought I'd say "Love your B-17 bit!" My uncle was a member of the 90th bomb group, 320th bomb squadron and he would have gotten a big kick out of it. I am proud of the men that flew in the big war and I know that they did what they had to do to win the war.

Ken Holmes (12/19/98)
Outstanding!! A great graphic and I'm sure in the best spirit of sportsmanship. Both groups should love and laugh at it... of course it is true, given how great the '24 was... but never mind... great job. Both great planes and crews. My dad would have loved it: 13th AF, 307th BG, 424th BS. Thanks, and happy holidays.

Bob Girdler (12/18/98)
I just had to tell you that when I saw your B-17 gag I almost fell out of my chair!  I'd like to tell Jim Myers (see below) to lighten up, it's just a joke and a damn funny one at that. Let's take up a collection and buy Mr. Myers a sense of humor!

Jake Bauer (12/17/98)
I got the biggest kick out of your B-17 "toon". Having taken my combat crew in battle-weary B-17s in Sebring FL in 1942 and upon graduation we were transferred to B-24s. Half the class quit. I did my 36 missions in the 13th AF 307thBG 307th BS. The reason I found it so funny was because we had taken my tail turret out and put it on the nose. That left a wide open balcony with 2 50's on a swivel, manned by Buddy Dowgiallo. Anytime someone used a relief tube, Buddy got icicles on his flight suit. Well, at least at the time we thought it was funny. Keep up this wonderful site.

My Comment
Jake, It's still funny!

D. Hartman (12/17/98)
Even as a fan of the beautiful Fort, I couldn't help but chuckle at your 'toon'. Great website...

My Comment
Thanks D.! I still get a kick out of it...

Joe Shuster (456th BG) (12/17/98)
I love it!

Jim Myers (12/15/98)
I found your site a few months ago and I think it is one of the very best and it provides value. Being a dog lover, I also enjoy checking up on "Libby."   She looks like a great dog.

I also appreciate a good joke and the trick B-17 file is a great one. Your email got me to zoom to the site and see what you had put up.  Its a great joke.  However, I think the image of the little man dropping trow' and peeing really "dumbs down" the outstanding work you have done collecting and posting this historical information.  It is really distasteful and crude. Although I'm sure you did not intend to, the "peeing man" sends a message of disrespect towards the veterans and the aircraft that brought many of them home. Don't forget that the airmen did not have much of a choice as to what units they were assigned to or what aircraft the unit was assigned.

My Comment
I knew I was going to get some "flak" about the B-17... Believe it or not, I love the old bird!

When I started the site last year, I got hammered about the phrase "Pick Your Nose Art!". I try and have a little "Fun" with the site (now and then) and I hope people take it in the right context. (You can't please everyone!). I'm sure the crew of the B-17 would be the first to see the humor in all this...

No disrespect intended

Not signed (12/14/98)
Cute, real cute!!!!!!!!!

Jim Augustus (12/14/98)
Got any negative feedback on your "B-17" page yet???  I think it's great!! 

My Comment
No negative feedback (yet). We'll see... (I'll post their feedback on this page!)

Actually, this "Joke" page is "All in Fun"!!
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B-24 Versus B-17

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