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  • NAME =

    • More than one listing for the "Same Name" indicates Different Aircraft, Nose Art, or Group/Squadron assignments designated by Version #s (V1), (V2)... etc. under the "V#" column.

    • A lot of aircraft names started with "The". They will be listed by the following "Word" in their name.

      Example: WITCH, The

    • Note: AKA = "Also Known As" <Name never applied> and will be represented by the last "3" #s in the S/N (Serial Number)

  • TP =

    • Type
         B - Bomber
      CB - Cargo/Transport Bomber
         F - (F7) Photo Reconnaissance
              Very Long Range (VLR)
              Combat Mapping
      LB - Land Bomber
              (NOT Liberator British) LB-30s repossessed by the U.S. were not given (and did not carry) U.S. Serial Numbers.
              Carried on AAF books as LB-30s with their British serials. These S/Ns were put on the fin (where AAF serials were normally placed)
      PB - PathFinder Force [PFF] Bomber
              15th AF Lead Aircraft with H2X
              "Mickey" Radar
      RB - Restricted Bomber
      SB - Snooper Bomber
              13th AF / 868th BS
      TB - Training Bomber
      WB - Long Range Weather (LRW)
                (Post War Nomenclature)
      XB - Experimental Bomber

  • M# =

    • Model Number
        7 - (A/B) Photo Reconnaissance
      24 - Liberator (Bomber)
      30 - Liberator (Land Bomber)
              Consolidated Model Number

  • SER =

    • Series: A-N

    • Note: May have additional designators after the Series "Letter": (1 | SH | etc.)
         1 - Nose Turret Modification
      AS - Anti-Submarine
      AZ - AZON
      EA - Eagle
      HO - 8th AF H2X "Mickey" Radar + G-H
      NT - Night
      SA - Carpetbagger 801st BG (P)
               Became 492nd BG in Aug 44
               (No Squadron Code)
      SH - 8th AF H2X "Mickey" Radar
      SO - H2S (British Radar)
               Blind bombing installed in early
               482nd BG (P) PFF Aircraft

  • BLK =

    • Block of serial numbers
      (Increments of 5... 1, 5, 10, 15, etc.)

  • MF =

    • Manufacturer
      CF - Consolidated/Fortworth
      CO - Consolidated/San Diego
      DT - Douglas/Tulsa
      FO - Ford/Willow Run
      NT - North American/Dallas

  • SERIAL # =

    • Serial Number - 2digit number, starting the S/N, represents the Fiscal Year Funds that were used to pay for the airplane, usually (but not always) the same as the fiscal year in which the plane was ordered.

  • AF =

    • Air Force Unit Assignment

  • BG =

    • Bombardment Group
      1P =
      1st Provisional Bomb Group - Halverson Project (HALPRO)

  • BS or RS or SQ or WNG=

    • Bombardment Squadron

    • Reconnaissance Squadron - LRW (Long Range Weather)

    • Squadron - F-7 (Photo Reconnaissance)

    • Wing - F-7 (Reconnaissance Wing)

  • SC =

    • Squadron Code - Two letter designation on the fuselage, denoting the Bombardment Squadron

  • RCL / B# =

    • Radio Call Letter / Battle Number
      "~"  =  N/A <Not Applicable>

      Can either be located on the Tail / Fuselage / Nose
      In the "Data Table", (-R) is pronounced "Bar R" and could also be presented as (R).
      (R-) is pronounced "R Bar" and could also be presented as (R)

      Note: Although (R) and (R) can be represented on the web site, true "Text Format" will not permit these! So in order to keep the integrity in the "Text File";

      R  =  (Bar Above R) "Bar R" (R
      R_  =  (Bar Below R)  "R Bar" (R)

  • CLS# = (Data List Only)

    • Control / Line / or Serial # (Last "3" or "4" of the S/N)

  • * / MACR = (Data List Only)

    • * = MACR (Missing Air Crew Report) On Site

    • MACR #

  • V#-P =

  • Version Number-Photo Number

(00) = No Other Version (On-Site)

(A#) = Assembly Ship (Lead Formation)

(P#) = Nose Art Panel

(R#) = Restoration/Representation

(W#) = Long Range Weather Reconnaissance (LRW)

  • Photo Credits

    • Copyright by Photographer, Owner, or "Origin" of the image
           AFM - US Air Force Museum, Dayton, Ohio
            CAF - Confederate Air Force, Harlingen, Texas
        NARA - National Archives and Records Administration
        NASM - National Air and Space Museum
      SDASM - San Diego Air & Space Museum
         USAF - United States Air Force

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