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Image Submission - This "Web Site" is dedicated to preserving and displaying the B-24
email your PICs to... Daniel L. Stockton

Although I will accept the images in any format, my "Preference" is as follows:

                         Always scan images at 200% (High Resolution)
                         When you scan these, please save them as a JPEG file (jpg) and don't alter the size after scanning
                         E-mail "One Scan" at a time
                         Include "B-24 AIRCRAFT NAME" in the "Subject", when you "Attach" them
                         Include the following in the "Body of Your E-Mail" (or Letter) if you have the info:

Note: Just "Copy and Paste"  the Template (below) to your e-mail, then, just fill in "the Blanks" ...

  • Name of Plane - 

  • Designation - 
    (example: B-24D-145-CO)

  • S/N - 

  • AF, BG, BS - 

  • Photo Credits - 

  • Rank Name - Job Assignment
    (of People in the "Image") [in a column]
    (Just press "Shift-Enter" after each line) - Example...

    Standing (L-R)
    1st Lt. Robert G. Martin - Pilot

    Kneeling (L-R)
    T/Sgt. Dominic H. Youngross - Radio Operator/Tail Gunner

  • Narrative - 
    (Note: For Dates, Use Format DD Mmm YR)

  • "Full Name" - 
    E-mail Address - 

  • "Web Site Name" - 
    and URL of your web site - 

                              Be sure and include a "Narrative" if you have any other info on the "Bird" or "Crew Members"...

                              End your e-mail (or letter) with: Example...

                    "Full Name" - John D. Doe
                    E-mail Address - My_Email@yadda yadda.com

                    "Web Site Name" - B-24 Best Web
                    and URL of your web site - http://www.b24bestweb.com


To follow the guidelines of copyright laws: (and to protect the "Contributors") see...
Copyright Act (United States Code -Title 17)
If you use any images for other Web Sites, please credit this "Web Site" and/or the "Contributor".
-- Daniel L. Stockton

Please do not inquire on the "Status" of your submission.
If "Posted", your image will be updated on the "NEWS" page.

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Note: If you do not have a scanner:
It is suggested you take your images to "Kinko's", "Walgreen's", "Wall-Mart",
or some place similar to have them scanned. or...

Send e-mail or pics to B-24 Best Web Master along with your questions or comments about this web site.
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