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100th Bomb Group - 36th Bomb Squadron

"Radar All Fouled Up"

Patch Description - Winged Gremlin with Radio Tubes for Body and Nose Emitting Lightning from Finger Tips

The 36th Bomb Squadron was born from the 803rd Bomb Squadron of the RAF 100 Bomb Group squadrons.  In August of 1944, personnel from the 803rd merged with those from Detachment "A" of the 858th Bomb Squadron and the 856th Bomb Squadron to form the new 36th Bomb Squadron (H) RCM.  The 36th Bomb Squadron was attached to the 100th Bomb Group which flew day and night radar jamming missions over Germany.

The 36th Bomb Squadron (H) RCM was also known as the 36th ETS (Electronic Test Squadron).

There were 1,166 effective sorties out of a total of 1,217 that were flown during the short eleven (11) months of this very special squadron. - Bill McCrory

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