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307th Bomb Group - 372nd Bomb Squadron

Patch Description - Scottie Dog (Aberdeen, or Scottish Terrier)

My Father, Major Jonathan Coxwell, was commander of the 372nd squadron before his death in Jan 1943. Just prior to his death he received the Distinguished Flying Cross from Adm Nimitz for his part in the first raid on Wake Island. The scottie dog that is depicted on the squadron patch belonged to my mother and father and traveled with them all over central america prior to the Pearl Harbor. My father was flying sub patrols at the time I think in B-17s. I have a children's book written and illustrated by my grandmother about that dog but it was never published. I also have a water glass with the insignia on it.

I was born just a few weeks after the death of my father, but still remember the dog being in the house when I was very young. Information about my father's military service has been very difficult to find. My son, Mark Coxwell, has been the most successful in finding bits and pieces on the web. If you have any information about the 307th Group and the 372 Squadron (especially early information from pre 1943) I would appreciate it. Also please copy my son.

Jonathan E. Coxwell & Mark Coxwell

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