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482nd Bomb Group - 36th Bomb Squadron

"Radar All Fouled Up"

"Click on Patch" - Description - Winged Gremlin with Radio Tubes for Body and Nose - Emitting Lightning from Finger Tips

Info Contributor - Stephen M. Hutton

The 36th Bomb Squadron (H) Radar Countermeasure Unit, (36BS RCM) initially began as the 803rd Bomb Squadron (Provisional) and was the 8th Air Force's only electronic warfare squadron. This secret unit was first placed under the 8AF Composite Command (Mar 44) for administration and later re-designated as the 36BS RCM (Aug 44). Next the 36BS was assigned to the 8AF Fighter Command (Oct 44) for administration, then the 1st Air Division (Jan 45) and finally assigned to the 482BG (Feb 45). In all instances the 36BS was assigned to these organizations only for administration purposes. Operational control for its special missions and training was exercised by 8th Air Force Headquarters in England. The first half of the missions the squadron flew were with the Royal Air Force 100 Group on nights. 8AF HQ coordinated these missions with RAF Bomber Command.

At the end of the war in Europe, all the Liberators were stationed with the 482nd Bomb Group at Station 102 Alconbury, England

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