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487 - 494

AF Bomb Group BS-1 BS-2 BS-3 BS-4
8th 487th 836th N/A 837th N/A 838th N/A 839th N/A
8th 489th 844th N/A 845th N/A 846th N/A 847th N/A
8th 490th 848th N/A 849th N/A 850th N/A 851st N/A
8th 491st 852nd 853rd 854th 855th
8th 492nd   856th 857th N/A 858th N/A 859th
8th 493rd 860th N/A 861th N/A 862th N/A 863th
7th 494th 864th 865th 866th 867th
7th N/A 494th N/A 864th N/A 865th N/A 866th N/A 867th

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