JOISEY BOUNCE - Radio Controlled (RC)
(Survived Operation TIDAL WAVE, 1 Aug 43, Ploesti Romania)

Contributor - Steve Williams
I recently finished building a radio controlled B-24, JOISEY BOUNCE (41-24226). It has a 90 inch wingspan, weighs 14 lb. and has four .26 sized four stroke engines. It took me two years of evenings and weekends to build it. It has working flaps, retracts, bomb bay doors, and the top turret rotates when I move the aileron stick.
The maiden flight was 14 Jul 02.  It's a fantastic flyer and looks especially good when it's lifting off the ground and I retract the gear!
"The Bounce" took third place in our annual RC Air Show last weekend.  It was a people's choice award where the public chose their favorite airplane at the show. By the way, several people approached me at the show who had connections to the B-24.  Mostly guys my age whose fathers flew them.  A highlight for me was when a gentleman told me he was the navigator on JERK'S NATURAL (41-23711).  This was my second choice after JOISEY BOUNCE.  I love "The Bounce" but I almost wish I had done JERK'S NATURAL so he could've seen a replica of his plane flying again.  I sadly cannot remember his name.
The B-24 was one of the most satisfying projects I have ever done. I found quite a lot of research material for my airplane on your website.  I just wanted to thank you for this great site.  Someone on the forum (Research Team) gave me some much needed info also... 
Aloha, from Honolulu, Hawaii

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