Crew Shown with Unknown Training A/C (B-24 H-CF) - Not PRINCESS KONOCTI (42-100190)
Interned 20 Jun 44 Halmstad, SWE - MACR 5925 - Pilot Robert W. Roeder (389th BG / 565th BS)

Contributor - Lee Lucia
Shown with my Father, James M. Lucia (Radio Operator in Training - Kneeling 2nd from Right).
Unknown order of crew:

Pilot: Robert W. Roeder
Co-Pilot: Raymond D. Bass
Navigator: Donald R. Scheimernorn
Bombardier: Calvin M. Bradley
Radio Operator: James M. Lucia
Top Turret Gunner: Claude L. Cope
Ball Turret Gunner: Ralph R. Hamar
Right Waist Gunner: James B. Hendee
Left Waist Gunner: Colon B. Whitaker
Tail Gunner: John C. Nelson

Info Contributor - Christian Bolgen
One of two B-24s that made emergency landings at Halmstad, Sweden.

Info Contributor - Chris Gregg
Named by Pilot William H. Wambold (566th BS) who was born in Lakeport, CA. Mount Konocti, a volcano in Lake County, is about 10 miles from Lakeport.
04 Dec 43 - Completed
19 Jan 43 - Arrived over seas
19 Jan 44 - 31 May 44 - Flew 38 combat missions (24 Feb 44 mission to Gotha, & 8 Mar 44 mission to Berlin!)
Jun 44 - Flew an unknown (to me anyway) number of missions
20 Jun 44 - Interned at Halmstad, Sweden

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