Contributor - Bruce E. Albert
My Father-In-Law (Don Miller, Radio Operator) is the second person from the right in the front row (kneeling). This is 1st Lt. Warren P. Allen's crew (Standing 2nd from left). The pilot's nickname was "Potter", hence, "Potter's Crew". They were stationed at Attelbridge, England from March, 1944 until September, 1944 and have stayed in touch with each other over the years.

Info Contributor - Mary M. Sherlock
My Husband, Harold R. Sherlock, Engineer/Gunner (Kneeling 2nd from left), died in 1984. I think the photo was taken at Topeka, Kansas before they went overseas. O'Donnell was replaced when they were overseas. I probably have their full names somewhere.

Standing (L-R)
James P. Sampson - Navigator
Warren P. "Potter" Allen - Pilot
Walter J. Sebo - Co-Pilot
John A. Loeper - Bombardier

Kneeling (L-R)
Bob Rayburn - Top Turret Gunner
Harold R. Sherlock - Engineer/Gunner
Danny A. Johnson - Nose Gunner
Don Miller - Radio Operator

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