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5th AF

The 5th Air Force
by Gerard Paloque
11th BG

11th Bomb Group (H)
The Grey Geese
by Turner Publishing
90th BG

The 13th Mission:
The Saga of a POW
at Camp Omori, Tokyo

by Robert R. Martindale
25th BG

The 25th Bomb Group (RCN)
in World War II
by Norman Malayney
492nd BG

32 Co Pilots

by Charles R. Bastien

44th BG

44th Bomb Group
The Flying Eightballs
by Turner Publishing
492nd BG / 491st BG

The 492nd and 491st Bomb Groups
in Norfolk: Pictorial History
of the USAAF's 492nd and 491st
Bombardment Group at
North Pickenham During WWII

by Peter Bodle

448th BG

The 1,000 Day Battle
by James Hoseason

A-2 and G-1 Flight Jackets:
Hell-Bent for Leather

by Derek Nelson, Dave Parsons

AAF The Official World War II Guide To The Army Air Forces
by Bud Masterson

494th BG

LONESOME LADY B - 24 J - 175 - CO
44-40680 7 494 866
A Date With the Lonesome Lady:
A Hiroshima Pow Returns

by T. C. Cartwright

455th BG

A Kriegie Recall: 50 Years Later:
Stalag Luft III Diary
by Daniel C. McKee
376th BG / 514th BS

A Liberandos:
S/Sgt. David E. McNeely,
Army Air Force, 15th Air Force,
376th Heavy Bomb Group,
514th Squadron
by Reginald W. Lanier
376th BG / 512th BS

A Measure of Life:
War * Captivity * Freedom

by Herman L. Cranman

90th BG

WEEZIE B - 24 D - 130 - CO 42-41081
5 90 320

A Missing Plane

by Susan Sheehan

464th BG

SULTAN B - 24 H - 15 - FO 42-52489
15 464 778 ~ U
A One Crew War

by Peter Kaššák

448th BG

A Replacement Crew in the ETO:
(European Theatre of Operations)

by John C. Rowe

464th BG

A Young Man's Journey
Through World War II

by Thurlow Weir

A Young Man s Letters
from World War II
More than Becoming a Soldier

by Lt. Robert E. Langenfeld

Across the Dark Waters:
Life and Death in the
U.S. Army Air Forces
2nd Antisubmarine Squadron

by James Pontolillo

Ad Lib Flying the B-24 Liberator
in World War II

by William Carigan

25th BG

Aerial Intelligence of the
8th Air Force: An accounting of the
25th Bomb Group (RCN,SP)
8th Air Force WWII,
Watton, England, 1944-1945
by George R Sesler
392nd BG

After the Liberators:
A Father's Last Mission,
a Son's Lifelong Journey

by William C. McGuire II

Against All Odds:
Shot Down over
Occupied Territory in WWII

by Frederick Dustin Worthen

Air Arsenal North America:
Purchases & Lend-lease
Aircraft for the Allies 1938-1945

by Phil Butler

492nd BG

Air Commandos:
The only full account of the
top secret special operations war
in Europe during World War II
by Ben Parnell

The Air War: 1939-1945

by Richard J. Overy

The Air War in Europe (World War II Collectors Edition , Vol 5, No 39)

by Ronald H. Bailey

Air War Over North Africa:
USAAF Ascendant
by David Mitchelhill-Green

Aircraft Record Cards
of the United States Air Force:
How to Read the Codes

by Robert A. Mann

5th BG

The Airmen and the Headhunters:
A True Story of Lost Soldiers,
Heroic Tribesmen and the
Unlikeliest Rescue of World War II

by Judith M. Heimann

461st BG

Al Ataque
by Hughes Glantzberg

44th BG

Alive and Kicking

by Chris Lynch

93rd BG / 329th BS

All the Best:
A Toast to the 329th
B-24 Bomb Squadron

by W. J Komarek

93rd BG

41-23723 8 93 329 ~ N
Alone: Orphaned on the Ocean

by Richard Logan

307th BG

by Kathryn R. Altman

American Flight Jackets
Airmen and Aircraft: A History of
U.S. Flyers' Jackets from
World War I to Desert Storm

by Jon A. Maguire

453rd BG

B - 24 H - 10 FO 4252234
8 453 733 F8 W+
An Emotional Gauntlet:
From Life in Peacetime America
to the War in European Skies

by Stuart J. Wright

44th BG

An Iowa Pilot named Hap:
Hartley A. "Hap" Westbrook

by Norman Rudi

Angels Ten

by Bruce Cassiday
5th BG

MISS ILEENE B - 24 M - 30 - CO
44-42418 13 5 23 ~ ~ 05
Another Soldier's Story:
A Taste of a Great Generation

by Don Berkus
100th BG / 36th BS

Another Trip to Flak Alley
by Jack Hope

The Arsenal of Democracy:
FDR, Detroit, and an Epic Quest
to Arm an America at War

by A.J. Baime

Art of the Flight Jacket:
Classic Leather Jackets of
World War II

by Jon A. Maguire

392nd BG / 577th BS

by Mark T Holmes

Assembly Ships of
the Mighty Eighth
by Jacek & Bock, Robert Jackiewicz

Atlantic Air War

by John W. Lambert, Jack Lambert

376th BG  / 513th BS

Attack: Death in the Skies Over the Middle East, An Incredible Daily Account of Life and Death in the Desert
by Richard G. Byers
466th BG

Attlebridge Arsenal:
The Men And Aircraft
of the 466th Bomb Group

by Earl E. Wassom / Chris Brassfield


B-24 Bomber Crew:
A True Story of the
Pacific War With Japan

by J. A. Nichols

B-24 Bridge Busters:
RAF Liberators over Burma

by Colin Pateman
5th BG / 23rd BS

B-24 Co-Pilot:
First Lieutenant John F. Lance

by Kathryn Lance

B-24 Combat Missions:
First-hand Accounts of
Liberator Operations
Over Nazi Europe

by Earl Wassom Martin Bowman
308th BG

The B-24 in China:
General Chennault's
Secret Weapon in WWII

by A. B. Feuer

B-24 Liberator

by Martin W. Bowman

The B-24 Liberator

by Martin W. Bowman

The B-24 Liberator:
A Pictorial History

by Allan G. Blue

B 24 Liberator at War

by Roger Freeman

B-24 Liberator Bomber
Pilot's Flight Manual

by Periscope Film Com

B-24 Liberator:
Combat Legend

by Martin W. Bowman

B-24 Liberator:
B-24 Liberator: Combat Photographs from the European Theater of Operations
by Bob Livingstone

B 24 Liberator
(Famous Aircraft Series)

by Steve Birdsall

 B-24 Liberator

by Bill Holder

B-24 Liberator
(Warbird History)

by Frederick A. Johnsen

B 24 Liberator in Action

by David Doyle

 B 24 Liberator in Action
(Aircraft No. 80)

by Larry Davis

B 24 Liberator in Detail

by Bert Kinzey

 B 24 Liberator Legend
by Turner Publishing Co

B-24 Liberator Pilot's
Flight Operating Instructions

by U.S. Army Air Force

B-24 Liberator: Rugged But Right

by Frederick A. Johnsen

B-24 Liberator Units of the CBI
(Combat Aircraft)

by Edward Young

8th AF

B-24 Liberator Units
of the Eighth Air Force
(Osprey Combat Aircraft 15)

by Robert F. Dorr

B-24 Liberator Units
of the Pacific War
(Osprey Combat Aircraft 11)

by Robert F. Dorr

15th AF

B-24 Liberator Units
of the Fifteenth Air Force
(Osprey Combat Aircraft 21)

by Robert F. Dorr

B-24 Liberator vs Ki-43 'Oscar':
China and Burma 1943

by Edward Young

15th AF

B-24 Liberators of the
15th Air Force/49th Bomb Wing
in World War II

by Michael D. Hill and John R. Beitling

B-24 Nose Art Name Directory
Includes Group, Squadron
 and Aircraft Serial Numbers
and Photo Availability

by Wallace R. Forman

28th BG

The B-24/PB4Y in Combat:
The Worlds Greatest Bomber

by Rhodes Arnold


Bail Out: POW 1944-1945

by Mel Tenhaken
8th AF

Battle Colors Volume I
Insignia and Aircraft Markings
of the Eighth Air Force
in World War II
(VIII) Bomber Command

by Robert A. Watkins

8th AF

Battle Colors Volume II
Insignia and Aircraft Markings
of the Eighth Air Force
in World War II
(VIII) Fighter Command

by Robert A. Watkins

9th AF

Battle Colors Volume III
Insignia and Tactical Markings
of the Ninth Air Force in World War II

by Robert A. Watkins


Battle Colors Volume IV
Insignia and Aircraft Markings
of the USAAF in World War II European/African/Middle
Eastern Theaters
by Robert A. Watkins


Battle Colors Volume V
Pacific Theater of Operations
Insignia and Aircraft Markings
of the U.S. Army Air Forces
in World War II
by Robert A. Watkins

10th AF / 14th AF / 20th AF

Battle Colors Volume VI
Insignia and Tactical Markings
of the Tenth, Fourteenth & Twentieth USAAFs: China, Burma, India
Theater of Operations
and the Western Pacific Area
by Robert A. Watkins

392nd BG

Before I Forget

by Robert D. Davis

93rd BG

B - 24 D - 1 - CO 41-23728 8 93 330 ~ E
Before the Belle
by Cassius Mullen
34th BG

B - 24 H - 20 - FO 42-94904 8 34 391 ~ Z
Belle of the Brawl
A Biographical Memoir
of Walter Malone Baskin

by Thomas P. Reynolds

461st BG / 765th BS

Training Missions - 42-7674 & 41-28463
Beneath Haunted Waters
The Tragic Tale of Two
B-24s Lost in the Sierra Nevada
Mountains during World War II

by Peter Stekel
380th BG

The Best in the Southwest
The 380th bombardment group (H)
in World War II, Southwest Pacific Area

by Glenn R. Horton

451st BG

The Best Seat in the House:
Short Stories and Vignettes

by Achilles Kozakis

493rd BG

The Big Three Let Me Reach 93:
The Good Lord, A Guardian Angel,
And Dumb Luck
by Robert W. "Bob" Schottelkorb
464th BG / 777th BS

Biplane To Bomber
by Doris Lee Davis Pritchett

Black Hole of Wauwilermoos:
An Airman's Story

by Daniel L. Culler

90th BG / 400th BS

The Black Pirates
400th Bomb Squadron in the
Southwest Pacific, 1942-1944
The Jolly Rogers
400th Bomb Squadron
Unit History Reprint
by James Ellis Lefemine
456th BG

PURPLE SHAFT B - 24 H - 10 - CF
42-64489 15 456 746
The Black Suitcase Mystery
by Gail Elliott Downs

Black Sunday: Ploesti

by Michael Hill

The Bombardier

by Anthony Genualdi

Bombardier's Diary

by Herb, Jr. McCollom
5th BG

Bomber Barons
5th Bombardment Group Heavy

by Turner Publishing Company
5th BG

The Bomber Barons
The History of the Fifth Bomb Group
in the Pacific During World War II
A Photographic History

by Frederick A. Johnsen

 Bomber Command 1939-1945
by Richard Overy
351st BG

Bomber Crew 369
by William Anderson
389th BG / 564th BS

Bomber Pilot
A Memoir of World War II

by Philip Ardery
15th AF

Bombing Europe
The Illustrated Exploits
of the Fifteenth Air Force
by Kevin A. Mahoney

Bombs Away Buckaroos!!

by Rick Albright

Boomerang (They Always Come Back)
 An Autobiographical Novel

by W. Max Adams
98th BG

Booster McKeester
and Other Expendables: 98th Heavy Bombardment Group

by Willie Chapman
Boots from Heaven

by Janet L. Howard
376th BG  / 513th BS

Born in Battle:
Round the World Adventures
of the 513th Bombardment Squadron

by Capt. Rowan T. Thomas

Boston, Mitchell, and Liberator
in Australian service

by Stewart Wilson
93rd BG

Boy from Nebraska
The Story of Ben Kuroki
by Ralph G. Martin

The British Air Commission
and Lend-lease

by Ken Meekcoms
449th BG

BUZZER, The B - 24 H - 10 - CF
41-29307 15 449 719 ~  4
Brother Men Who Fly

by Benedict Yedlin
30th BG

JEETER BUG, The B - 24 J - 175 - CO
44-40661 7 30 819 ~ ~ 661
Brothers at Daybreak
by Virginia C. McPartland
464th BG

Burma Roadsters
The 464th Ca Aa Bn
in China-Burma-India

by Eric R. Craine
98th BG

Burning Hitler's Black Gold

by Robert W. Sternfels
392nd BG

Byron's War:
I Never Will Be Young Again
by Byron Lane

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